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Non ferrous


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-Insulated Cable

-Aluminum/Copper rods

-Copper Pipe

-Aluminum Extrusion


-Aluminum Cans

-Aluminum Rims

-Aluminum Scraps

-Aluminum Transformers

-Brass (All Types)



-Cast Aluminum

-Catalytic Converters

-Christmas Lights

-Old Breakers

-Communication wire


-Copper Transformers

-Copper TV Yokes

-Electric Motor’s Copper/Aluminum

-House Wire (Romex)

-BX Wire (Aluminum)

-BX Wire (Steel)


-Heated Sinks

-Wired Harnesses 

Non-ferrous Metals

Unlike ferrous metals, non ferrous metals are a lot more flexible, and lighter in weight. Non ferrous metals such as aluminum, is the 3rd most common non ferrous metal worldwide. Non ferrous metals have a higher resistance to rust and corrosion which makes great use for gutters, road signs, roofing, and water pipes. Non ferrous metals contain very little to no iron and are not magnetic. Generally these metals are worth more due to their high conductivity and weight.

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