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-Heavy Machinery

-Washing Machines

-Water Heaters

-Cast Iron (unprepared & over 4 ft.)

-Heavy Melt (unprepared & over 4 ft.)

-Cast Iron (prepared & under 4 ft.)

-Heavy Melt (prepared & under 4 ft.)


-Shop Turnings

-Light Iron


-Office Cubicles 








-Lawn mowers

-Snow Blowers

Just A Little Ferrous Knowledge

Ferrous metals are the most recycled commodities in the world! Some ferrous metals include mild steel, carbon steel, heavy melt, bailing tin and cast iron. These metals are primarily used for their strength and durability, especially mild steel which helps hold up the towers and the bridges in your very own city. You can also find ferrous metals in housing construction, cars/trucks, train tracks and infrastructure. Most of the tools and hardware you use around the house are also made up of ferrous metals. Due to the high amounts of carbon used when creating them, most ferrous metals are vulnerable to rust when exposed to the elements. Usually if you see rust, it’s a ferrous metal. Most ferrous metals also have magnetic properties, which makes them very useful in the creation of large motors and electrical appliances.

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